Running Just 5 Minutes a Day Will Provide You With Long-Lasting Benefits For Your Health


According to a recent study on exercise and mortality, running just 5 minutes a day will significantly lower the risk of dying prematurely. The results of the study suggest that the health benefits from just a small amount of exercise are much larger than previously thought by experts.

Moderate forms of exercise such as brisk walking has been a common exercise recommendation in recent history with the government’s formal 2008 exercise guideline recommending that people should perform 30 minutes of moderate exercise on the majority of days during the week.
Research on that number has been lacking with very studies fully investigating the effects of vigorous exercise on disease risk and lifespan and ever fewer studies looking at the amount of exercise required to achieve the same result.

From the recent study it was found that runners had a 30 percent lower risk of dying from any causes when compared with non runners with their risk of dying from heart disease was 45 percent lower. This was even the case when the results were adjusted to take into account individuals who were overweight or smokers. It was even found that overweight smokers who ran were less likely to die early in comparison to those who did not run no matter their smoking preferences or weight.

On the whole, runners were expected to live 3 years longer on average when compared to adults who did not run.

Interestingly the benefits of running were fairly similar no matter how much or little people ran. Whilst people who ran for more than 150 minutes a week lived longer than those who didn’t run; they didn’t live significantly longer than those who ran as little as 5 minutes a day.

The study did find that overall, runners had a smaller risk of dying when compared with people who performed moderate exercise such as walking. The researchers further stressed that it’s not running specifically that is giving these health benefits and that it is likely exercise intensity which is the key to improving longevity. So if you don’t like to run that you can substitute it with vigorously pedaling a stationary bike or another strenuous exercise of your preference.