The Different Types Of Running Belt


We all have that same problem, where do we put our phones and other accessories when we go for a run? We have all tried just putting our phones into our pockets only for them to fall out and hopefully not break! Even when our pockets have zips they don’t really get the job done as the phone will still swing about creating a rather uncomfortable run.

There weren’t many options apart from just to leave our belonging at home until the invention of running belts. The running belt market is certainly a competitive one with new designs coming out all the time which have led to running belts changing quite a bit over the years to suit a number of different purposes from the more trendy and fashionable runner to the more serious athlete.

We would recommend reading over a number of running belt reviews to find the best running belt for you. However, the most popular running belts amongst running enthusiasts come in 3 stand out designs:-

1) Tubular

The tubular design can be seen in the consumer favourite the Flipbelt. What makes this style of belt stand out is that it doesn’t have pockets in the traditional sense rather than the storage compartment stretches throughout the entire belt as it wraps around your body. Due to its simplistic design it gives the belt a much sleeker look and feel. The belt is typically able to do this by being made out of a stretchy, elastic material that provides ample storage whilst still fitting perfectly and staying in place. More and more brands are adopting this style and we will be sure to see future innovations and improvements on this design.

2) Compartmentalized

The SPIBelt is probably the best example of what we mean by a compartmentalized belt. A compartmentalized belt is more closely resembles a more traditional belt that relies on zippers and buckles in order to attach around your body and keep your valuables safe. In the past this type of belt was usually guilty of not fitting correctly especially during the stress of running and moving about. However, with the introduction of more modern belts they have been able to tweak the design to minimize the movement of the belt when running.

3) Running Pouch

The running pouch is a unique design created by the Running Buddy. It varies greatly from the other designs in that it is not actually a belt as it doesn’t wrap around your body. The running pouch actually attaches on to another belt or item of clothing using magnets to stay in place. Belts using this design tend to provide more storage space than the other kinds of belts however they do tend to sacrifice a bit of comfort for this extra space.

We would personally recommend either a tubular belt or compartmentalized belt from which the Flipbelt and SPIbelt are the stand out products respectively. There is a good article comparing the features and benefits of both belts here.

18 May 2016